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Plant Hunters’ Fair at Sugnall Walled Gardens

We had a great day at the Plant Hunters' Fair held at Sugnall Walled Garden.

Sugnall Walled Garden is a beautifully restored 18th century walled garden. Traditionally the 2 acre garden provided the estate with seasonal fresh produce. The perimeter walls surrounding the garden create a micro-climate that enables the growing season to be extended and enables unusual and select fruit and vegetables to flourish.

The Plant Hunters’ Fair at Sugnall Walled Garden on 25th March was a most enjoyable morning. There were a variety of nurseries present. Plants on offer included alpines, primulas, fruit trees, herbs, perennials and shrubs. It is a joy to buy plants from independent nurseries as you get specialist advice along with your purchase. Sugnall’s ‘no-dig’ ethos was very much in evidence in the walled garden: cardboard was used under hefty amounts of well-rotted muck. The walls were lined with beautifully trained fruit trees and the early rhubarb was looking tempting. For those of us in Wolverhampton who are cursed with allium leaf miner, there were rows of beautifully healthy leeks which have come majestically through the winter. This is definitely a garden to visit over the forthcoming months as the apple blossom comes out and the garden gets into full production. P.S. The tea and cakes were very good, too.

Here’s the link to Plant Hunters’ Fairs

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