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New Barns Nurseries - Angela Cockburn

Established in 1997, New Barns Nurseries is a small, family run business located in the Shropshire countryside near the beautiful market town of Bridgnorth. We are quality growers and suppliers of outdoor plants for all seasons which includes hundreds of varieties of seasonal bedding and perennials, shrubs, trees, hedging and much more!

Angela Cockburn got into horticulture in 1978, via the YTS scheme and worked for Wyevale Nurseries (not the garden centre group!) as a propagator for 15-years. Mainly ‘hardy nursery stock’ (garden shrubs) but also rose budding.

How did you first get involved in horticulture?

The YTS Scheme. Which season in business is your favourite?

Spring, because it gives a new lease of life and it is not too hot - everything is waking up. Have you seen a change in business over the last 5-years?

Yes, more sales of pots and patio gardening, through more smaller gardens.

Can organic or sustainable production methods be incorporated successfully in a commercial environment?

Not easily. Peat-free composts are currently still not working as well as conventional, peat-based composts for us.

What are the biggest challenges for family-run nurseries?

Weather and seasonality will always be one of our biggest challenges but new challenges include steeply rising costs which are difficult to pass on.

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