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Archive: Lady Charnisworth opens the Tettenhall Towers Fete

The Pathé news clip below is Lady Charnisworth opening the Tettenhall Towers Fete in 1927. The car mentioned is the Sunbeam Tiger ‘Ladybird’ which set the land speed record in 1926.

TDHS exhibited at the Tettenhall Fete, Wolverhampton Floral Show and Birmingham Floral Fete through the 1920s and 1930s. Miss Thorneycroft (of Tettenhall Towers) had a long association with the society as one of its vice-presidents.

It is believed that the society’s first president was W P Baker, who donated a £10 prize for many years for the ‘Growing Crops Competition’. By 1926’s Edward Hickman from Danes Court (now demolished) was the society’s president.

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