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Plant of the Week: Philadelphus Coronarius – Mock Orange 

Is a deciduous shrub with light green leaves and arching stems which bear a profusion of wonderfully fragrant white flowers. Its common name ‘Mock Orange’ is shared with other plants, not related to it! 

The branches on mine are weighed down with flowers this month, and the smell as I walk round the garden is just heavenly! Once the flowers are over, I will cut the flowering stems back to promote healthy new growth which will flower next year.

There are about 60 species of this shrub and the most popular garden varieties include: P. ‘Belle Etoile’ AGM (single), P. ‘Virginal’ (double), P. ‘Manteau d’Hermine’ AGM (double and compact) and P. ‘White Rock’ AGM (semi-double). There is also a beautiful golden-leaved variety P. coronarius ‘Aureus’, mainly grown for its magnificent spring and early summer foliage.

Article by Eimert – Garden Grow How

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