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How to take softwood cuttings

How to take softwood cuttings and grow in a jiffy pellet

Softwood cuttings can be taken in spring and early summer from the soft new growth on a range of plants such as lavender, aubretia, fuschia, argyanthemum, penstemon, hydrangea etc... Cuttings should be taken from non-flowering shoots and potted into moist compost (jiffys are perfect). Place the cuttings in a closed propagation container in a light position (not direct sunlight); a north facing windowsill is ideal. Check the cuttings regularly to make sure they remain moist; mist them if necessary. They will take 2-4 weeks to root at which point they can be potted on or hardened off and planted out. Top tip: take cuttings in the early morning while the plant is turgid and still full of water.

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